Lens Protocol

ย Exclusive Conversation on Blockchain privacy, removing web2 infra from teh stack & More! DeFi Slate Fam: Coming to you live from Paris, France for ETHCC #5! The conference has been epic so far with tons of great talks, people and parties. We had a really interesting chat with Adrian from Anoma on the concept of [...]

๐Ÿ’ฌ DeFi’s Dynamic Duo: Aave v3 & Lens Protocol

Watch as we chat with โ€˜DeFi Spartanโ€™ to unpack all things v3 and Lens! DeFi Slate Fam: Are we seeing the return of the DeFi Dinos right now? Maybeโ€ฆbut more importantly the innovation has not stopped amongst many of these protocols. Weโ€™re seeing growth across many verticals when it comes to the OG DeFi projects [...]