Layer 2

EXCLUSIVE Look behind the curtain of ETHCC DeFi Slate Fam: We have to give a massive shoutout to the YAP Global team! Without them, we would never be able to attend these conferences, create our interviews and podcasts & everything else! Having quite a few conferences under their belts the YAP Global team, led by [...]

We highlight the post-merge world could look like for Layer 2s and DeFi in general DeFi Slate Fam: THE MERGE IS COMING! But, what does that mean for Layer 2s? The highly anticipated Ethereum โ€˜mergeโ€™ is one of the most burning topics in blockchain today. The merge marks the end of the resource-intensive Proof-of-Work (PoW) [...]

Discover the benefits of swapping, staking, and farming on Pegasys, a community-built DEX native to the Syscoin Network. DeFi Slate Fam: Welcome to a week of chop. These market conditions are a breath of fresh air after several weeks of dumpage but opportunities are still few and far between. The key so far has been [...]

Uqbar an up & coming layer 2 protocol pushing forward the scaling force for Ethereum! DeFi Slate Fam: The prominence of Layer 2 growth is starting to hit all DeFi users after the Optimism airdrop. Hop protocol is next, followed by Arbitrum and moreโ€ฆthe Layer 2 wars are just now heating up. This is gonna [...]

Learn more about the development and innovation on Layer 2s with Sperax push of an auto-yield stablecoin on Arbitrum. Spotifyย |ย YouTubeย |ย iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: The evolution of stablecoins has been a mighty topic of discussion as the crypto markets recover from the Black Swan that was LUNA/UST. Weโ€™re always interested to see how mass carnage can [...]

Join Us and Get Ready for the New Era of Financial Primitives with Boba Network. DeFi Slate Fam: A terrific week at Permissionless! Waves of founders, builders, and innovators came together to show support for the next era of blockchain. Over the past 5 years, most TradFi primitives have seen deployments on-chain. The result is [...]