Diving into Web3’s Foundation & How the GraphΒ Allows Users to Benefit From Accessible Data DeFi Slate Fam The amount of data on the blockchain is rapidly growing in size and complexity and it is becoming more and more difficult to query it directly, this is where The Graph Protocol comes in. It allows developers and [...]

Exclusive Dive Into How Pokt Network Can Very Well Overcome Internet and Blockchain service providers 🀯 DeFi Slate Fam: We discuss various mental models for thinking about how the multichain combines applications with supporting blockchains. This mental model could map out a hub-and-spoke model like cosmos or an L1, L2, etc. model seen on Ethereum [...]

πŸ’¬ [ETH Denver Exclusive] MEV Protection w CowSwap

Dive into the future of DeFi as We As We Cover How CowSwap Offers Users a Slippage & MEV resistant exchange to provide top quality optionality. DeFi Slate Fam: Straight out of the snowy mountains of Denver & Breckenridge for the ETHDenver retreat for another informational, alpha leaking interview! We are happy to introduce you [...]

HAL saved Andy one time in May 2021, learn how to implement into your DeFi investing today! DeFi Slate Fam, DeFi is an exciting and broad space but sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the data, especially in times of uncertainty and market turbulence. Today we got to sit down and [...]

Founder of UMA protocol, Hart Lambert, joins DeFi Slate for a conversation on the strategic underpinnings of DeFi DeFi Slate Fam: This ecosystem has an unmistakable tendency to breed gigabrains. Today Hart Lambeur, founder of Universal Market Access, joins us from the ETHdenver Castle. UMA is delivering primitive financial tooling for synthetic tokens in DeFi. [...]

πŸ’¬ [ETH Denver Exclusive] Institutional DeFi Activity w Maple Finance

Check out our first exclusive interview from ETH Denver w Sidney to learn how Maple Finance is empowering the next era of crypto banks. DeFi Slate Fam, It is a blizzard of information out there. Which could leave degeners who haven’t been exposed to rocky markets in the past a bit conflicted. These conditions are [...]

πŸ’¬ Payroll Solutions for DAOs w Parcel Money

Get involved in DAOs through contributions bounties, streamlined w Parcel Money DeFi Slate Fam It’s a beautiful day at ETHdenver as we wrap up a full week of building and head to the mountains. Of the thousands of attendees, many are involved w DAOs as supporters and contributors. Generate a share of the equity in [...]