Explore the Ethereum Merge, Blockchains, The Future of DeFi & More! DeFi Slate Fam: One of the most interesting conversations we had at ETHCC was with Sam from Aligned, a web3 infrastructure company. Sam has been around the block for some time doing a stint at Consensys in the early Ethereum days before starting his [...]

Take a Look At Building Innovation Communities DeFi Slate Fam: We are super excited to continue our coverage of the Starknet ecosystem. Mainnet is expected to release later this year, tons of applications are filling up with users, and communities are deeply involved in seeing the chain succeed overall. What are you most excited for [...]

πŸ’¬ Inside ETHCC #7: Intro to NFTs on StarkNet with Briq

How StarkNet will Fuel Easy-To-Create NFTs in the Market DeFi Slate Fam: After three full days at ETHCC we also went to StarkNet CC, a much smaller community led event about all things StarkNet. The focus was on zk technology (after the Tornado Cash ban we see why this is important!). In todays interview we [...]

Witness The Next Level of Ethereum Scaling DeFi Slate Fam: Nothing better than a good ol’ merge narrative hitting stride as the Ethereum community is getting hype for the coveted merge to PoS in a couple weeks? Months? We’ll see! Atop of the merge narrative is the rise of L2s like Optimism & Arbitrum. See [...]

The Story of ETH… Coming to a Screen Near You! DeFi Slate Fam: The story of Ethereum is absolutely incredible. It is insane how a full blown decentralized blockchain was started by a bunch of shadowy super coders and is now a full blown digital nation state. Writer and DeFi Degen Camilla Russo wrote a [...]

Discover How Komodo Fits Into the Evolving Landscape of Blockchain Infrastructure! DeFi Slate Fam: The journey along ETHCC continues to build with ascension. Each moment we spend with the experts of blockchain is a new opportunity to grow the collective wealth of information. This moment was no different. Kadan, CTO of Komodo, is an expert [...]

Take a Seat and Learn How Boba’s vision aims to provide rollups to Multiple Alternative L1s and More! DeFi Slate Fam: Coming off an amazing trip to our first ETHCC in Paris, its crazy that this year is the 5th one for the community! Feel like we’ve been missing out this whole time! The vibe [...]

Learn about APWine & How to Ceate Capital Efficient Mechanisms at every Chance Possible DeFi Slate Fam: The vibe at ETHCC has been immaculate, truly a pleasure to be here along some of the smartest minds in crypto and get to experience the culture that the Ethereum community possesses. Today we had the opportunity to [...]

πŸ’¬ Get Ready For ETHCC!!! (Behind The Scenes)

We cover the HUGE Impact of Ethereum and What to Expect at this Year’s Conference DeFi Slate Fam: Get hype for ETHCC!!! Its going to be absolutely epic, were all very excited about heading to Paris. Robbie and I will be there all week doing interviews, listening to speakers, talking to builders and more! Although [...]