Explore DeFi Asset Management Capabilities. DeFi Slate Fam: Token2049 was an amazing time in London last month! I had the pleasure of talking to tons of DeFi builders and getting the pulse of the current market. In todays post we have a Q&A with Zaki from Sommelier Finance, a Cosmos based project that has tons [...]

Learn about the Next Wave of Developer Onboarding and What the Ecosystem Needs to Thrive! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The world of Cosmos is definitely getting some attention after a successful Cosmosverse conference down in Colombia (which was recently followed by Devcon). Recently announced was ATOM 2.0 tokenomics and the further development of the IBC [...]

πŸ“ˆ Cross-Chain Applications on Cosmos via IBC Transfer

Learn how to access remarkable yields in Cosmos ecosystems through Inter-Blockchain Communication DeFi Slate Fam Today we go through the Cosmos hub and spoke ecosystem to deliver a tutorial on inter-blockchain communication transfers. The Cosmos Ecosystem is made up of the Cosmos hub and its surrounding zones, AKA applications. These applications are similar to DeFi [...]

πŸ“š Cosmos Ecosystem 2022 Breakthrough Year

The most underrated DeFi ecosystem is about to explode in 2022, here’s why… DeFi Slate Fam: We have been exploring numerous DeFi ecosystems throughout the last 6 months but we have been sleeping on Cosmos. That has come to a hard stop. This ecosystem is going to absolutely explode in 2022. Airdrops coming and pretty [...]

Tons of innovation is happening on the Cosmos chain rallying around the recent surge in ATOM DeFi Slate fam: The multichain thesis has held strong into 2022. We are farming every ecosystem possible to deliver insights in our steadily evolving industry. The front runner of interoperability is starting to show itself in our latest ecosystem [...]