Dive into the Stargate Omnichain Money Market Protocol and More!   ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The world of Arbitrum native tokens and protocols continues to shine as the ecosystem there of true organic DeFi is really starting to take shape. Todays video is an interview with the Radiant Capital team about their omnichain money market [...]

With FTX Collapsing, Decentralized Protocols Are on a Winning Spree   ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The hype around GMX has been notable. The Blueberry community have rallied behind the team and is now becoming a force in DeFi, representing an insane amount of fee generation in general AND establishing Arbitrum as a realistic option for DeFi [...]

💬 Vertex Protocol: The New All-In-One Arbitrum Suite

Dive Into Decentralized Derivatives & More ——- DeFi Slate Fam, Arbitrum has a lot of upcoming hype surrounding its heralded airdrop. Layer 2s are getting some attention after a successful Optimism airdrop and a lot of .eth’s pushing the narrative of zkRollups (which we are so, so bullish on). As the Arbitrum ecosystem undergoes further [...]

Learn more about the development and innovation on Layer 2s with Sperax push of an auto-yield stablecoin on Arbitrum. Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: The evolution of stablecoins has been a mighty topic of discussion as the crypto markets recover from the Black Swan that was LUNA/UST. We’re always interested to see how mass carnage can [...]

Exclusive Dive Into DeGate’s unique value proposition through Exploring their Testnet DeFi Slate Fam: The developments of buildoor season are starting to strike the market. With new dApps consistently deploying to mainnet, we are super psyched for the levels of scalability attainable through L2 networks. The value potential from an increase in network throughput unlocks [...]

💬 Best Stablecoin Yield Farming on Arbitrum

Exclusive Dive into the BEST Available Yields in the Arbitrum Ecosystem DeFi Slate Fam: There are some FIRE stablecoin yields on Arbitrum! Boasting fast and extremely cheap transactions the Arbitrum network has capabilities that make stablecoin staking and farming extremely profitable. Were here to show you the best available yields in the Arbitrum ecosystem. Vovo [...]

🎙 DeFi by Design EP69: Leading The Ethereum Scaling Race with Arbitrum

Exclusive Podcast with our Friends at Arbitrum on Scaling Ethereum, Modular Blockchains, Upcoming Upgrades, the merge You Don’t Want to Miss! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes | DeFi Slate Fam: Rememeber when society was racing to see who could get to the moon first? The most important tech ‘space race’ of our century is of decentralized technologies, led of course [...]

The Loot ecosystem has brought L2 NFTs on Arbitrum & StarkNet to the forefront of the community, get ready DeFi Slate Fam: Layer 2 NFTs are blowing up! They will continue to do so! Shoutout to Arbitrum and StarkNet for their upcoming marketplaces were stoked to see them grow. Excited to see the development of [...]