💬 How PrimeDAO is scaling DAO Cooperation in Web 3

Exclusive video breaking down how PrimeDAO let’s you collaborate and coordinate via Web 3 partnerships and negotiations, all on-chain! 🙌

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have been the talk of the town as they enable people to join a movement, put their money where their mouth is and earn from their contribution. Some DAOs, have even gained significant headlines by bidding on the US Constitution (ConstitutionDAO – $PEOPLE). Despite this, the DAO concept is still relatively new and members even fewer.

Today we got to talk to Namik Muduroglu from PrimeDAO, a platform that seeks to build out a suite of tools and infrastructure to help DAOs become scalable organizations. We got an overview of several features such as Prime Launch, a curated token offering launchpad that allows early stage projects to host their launch without any code and comes with whitelisting, vesting, and cliff scheduling features built in. We also got to understand how Prime Deals, is going to change the DAO landscape by enabling DAOs to communicate, collaborate and coordinate via Web 3 partnerships and negotiations, all on-chain. In addition to that, we got a brief look at some of their upcoming features in development such as Prime Pools and Prime Ratings.

As the DAO ecosystem scales, PrimeDAO will play a crucial role as a hub for builders to come together not only help DAOs grow but to encourage and possibly incentivize DAOs to communicate, collaborate and coordinate with one another.

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