High-Yield Staking Services


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Read below to learn how our stablecoin staking services provide high APYs while giving you the best security, safety, and risk management!

During times of uncertainty, the crypto markets can trade very violently.

One of the best ways to hedge against the volatility of the market is to convert your crypto holdings into stablecoins, a class of cryptocurrencies whose value is linked to a fiat currency in an attempt to offer users a safe haven against significant price fluctuations.

Users can then engage in stablecoin yield farming which involves locking up your stablecoins into yield farming platforms for a yield which is normally in the 8 – 15% APY range, well above the current rates that are being offered by our banks (seen below, the 10 yr CD is at 2.56%).

We provide an easy user experience to make sure your funds are safe with our insured custodian, Trustology!

If you’re interested in inflation-beating yields on stablecoins, go to https://www.defiincome.com now and fill out the form, we will be in touch to chat about working alongside the our team to get you the best yields in DeFi 🙂