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💬 zkSync Bridge, Faucet & Airdrop Tutorial

Stay Ahead of The Crowd & Qualify For This Next Airdrop! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: What a week! $ARB airdrop was just announced and people are very very excited about the possibility of being able to govern the Arbitrum network…right? Jokes aside, the next wave of exciting L2s is centered around the zkTech era. So, [...]

The Intersection of Digital Collectibles GameFi and DeFi is Here! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: We are so back. Hooked up a win-win scenario over the weekend. As I’m sure we’re all aware Silicon Valley Bank went belly-up and Silvergate and Signature banks are not far behind. These were prominent banking partners for post-revenue tech startups [...]

💬 StarkNet ID: The ENS of StarkNet…Airdrop Potential?

ZkRollup Season Is Coming Up! Learn to Bridge ETH from L1 to StarkNet & More! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: We are EARS TO THE GROUND on StarkNet for y’all! The season of zkRollups is rapidly approaching and we are getting very excited about StarkNet and the possibilities for what’s to come. In todays video I’m [...]

Explore the New Earning Possibilities in Web3! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: There’s quite the stigma around getting paid as a crypto content creator…for good reason as we have seen so many scammers come and go. Its extremely ironic though because the underlying ethos of web3 is to empower the user (read: creator), yet many creators [...]

💬 Emerging Applications on Filecoin and IPFS

Find Out Why We Believe Max Scalability Just Around The Corner! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: It is time for the next wave of adoption. We inch closer and closer to killer levels of scalability to usher in the next era of decentralized primitives. These apps are faster and cheaper than ever with new levels of [...]

Exploring The StarkNet Surge! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The StarkNet surge is finally upon us! We’ve been waiting since Q2 2022 for this moment and we are inching so, so close to the launch of tons of StarkNet protocols and onboarding of tons of new Ethereum users. Things are heating up again the crypto ecosystem [...]

💬 Co-Investing Reimagined: Gains Associates Web3 DAO

You Don’t Want to Miss this! Brand New Co-Investing Opportunities! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: Welcome to a new era of co-investing! Why is this important? Because up until recently the best investment opportunities were held for accredited investors only who have a high net worth or high income… …keeping the rich richer, and the middle [...]

Explore an Exotic Options Platform In Arbitrum ——- DeFi Slate Fam: Welcome to the biggest DeFi season we’ve seen since DeFi summer in 2020! Arbitrum DeFi has been taking the world over by storm and it is absolutely going OFF over there! There is so much happening and we are excited to see it play [...]

Exclusive Look at Canto and the New DeFi Era! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The new kid on the block, built and designed by some heavy hitter DeFi & Ethereum OGs…a huge price move in the last few weeks and a lot of talk about why its so undervalued. The infamous green coin. Canto. Welcome to [...]

💬 Unlock your Portal into the Meta

Learn About Creating Locks and Keys for Entire Communities! ——- Whattup Fam: We’re back and it’s not lookin good for enemies of DeFi Slate Nation. Tons of activity and hype are driving us further than ever before. Plus the market is mooning for the first time in months. That’s right moonbois and girls – strap [...]