Dive into the Stargate Omnichain Money Market Protocol and More!   ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The world of Arbitrum native tokens and protocols continues to shine as the ecosystem there of true organic DeFi is really starting to take shape. Todays video is an interview with the Radiant Capital team about their omnichain money market [...]

Explore DeFi Asset Management Capabilities. DeFi Slate Fam: Token2049 was an amazing time in London last month! I had the pleasure of talking to tons of DeFi builders and getting the pulse of the current market. In todays post we have a Q&A with Zaki from Sommelier Finance, a Cosmos based project that has tons [...]

Exploring the Future of NFT IP, The Latest with Pudgy Penguins and More! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    DeFiSlate Fam: NFTs are going to come ROARING back to the front and center of crypto. It’s already happening. Pudgy Penguins have had an incredible year of success in this bear market, consistently grinding higher and higher in floor price [...]

Get the Scoop on ETH staking protocols, How Things are Shaping up, and More!   ——- DeFi Slate Fam: Happy CPI & FOMC week! Were in a state of things now where the macro environment dictates pretty much everything about crypto nowadays…kinda sad, if you ask me. Actually, NFTs might not really be correlated. Anyways, [...]

📚 SBF Behind Bars: Historic Collapse of FTX

Breaking news! Get the Jump on the Latest FTX News   ——- DeFi Slate Fam: We got him. SBF is in custody in the Bahamas and likely on his way to America for extradition. On the heels of this arrest, Congress held a discovery hearing into the FTX collapse. In this video, we cover the [...]

With FTX Collapsing, Decentralized Protocols Are on a Winning Spree   ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The hype around GMX has been notable. The Blueberry community have rallied behind the team and is now becoming a force in DeFi, representing an insane amount of fee generation in general AND establishing Arbitrum as a realistic option for DeFi [...]

🎙 DeFi by Design Episode 90: The Future of GameFi

Learn Why GameFi is Positioned to Oust the Top Games of Our Time! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    DeFi Slate Fam: It’s no surprise the GameFi ecosystem is one of the few surviving ecosystems in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. GameFi doesn’t care about interest rates, the Fed, or macro mumbo jumbo. GameFi is about fun and vibes, both of [...]

💬 Homestaking for ETH2 Validators w Blockswap

Explore the Revolutionary Concept Which Takes Liquid Staking Derivatives to the NEXT LEVEL ——- DeFi Slate Fam, Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season on goblin mode. Today we bring you the latest episode of the DeFi by Design! We’re ramping up quantity and quality of content so you are in the best position to [...]

💬 Shrapnel: AAA First Person Shooter Game On-Chain

Shrapnel is a first-person shooter AAA game on-chain, a new fundamental aspect of Gamefi.   DeFi Slate Fam: Token 2049 in London a few weeks back was an epic event filled with TradFi, web2.5, web3, and DeFi companies alike ALL coming together during the most chaotic days of our current industry…FTX collapse week. Absolutely insane. [...]

Get Up to Speed with the Ins and Outs of DeFi Security and Safety! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    DeFi Slate Fam: What a last couple weeks its been! We have some content coming your way from Token2049 in London soon as well as a new podcast today with Revoke Cash is a public good in the DeFi [...]