๐ŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP86: Why Sharding Is Undoubtedly The Future of Scaling Blockchains with Shardeum

Dive Into the Future of Scaling to Billions of Users!

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Why Sharding Is Undoubtedly The Future of Scaling Blockchains with ShardeumSpotifyย |ย YouTubeย |ย iTunesย 

DeFi Slate Fam:

Thereโ€™s been a few reasonably sized debates on Twitter about Ethereumโ€™s scaling roadmap including proto-dank-sharding. Some dot ethโ€™s seem to like it while others think its foolish.

While you may or may not have an opinion, there is something you should know as a crypto user.

Shardeum is taking sharding to a whole โ€˜nother level with their notable tech stack that includes high levels of security, unprecedented TPS and a profitable node hosting system that incentivizes more and more nodes as the demand for throughput increases.

This episode is intense, its epic and it goes deep into what we believe is 100% the future of scaling to billions of users.

Welcome to the future.



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